Hans Defer C.WN.13.0819 18x24 cm
Hans Defer
Hans Defer , artist
Hans Defer
C.WN.09.0519 18x24 cm Han Defer
C.WN.12.0819 18x24 cm Hans Defer
Hans Defer
Hans Defer
C.S.17.1019 18x24 cm.jpg
C.WN.02.0119 30x40 cm. Hans Defer
C.S.11.0618 40x50 cm.JPG
C.S.030219 15x15 cm. Hans Defer
C.WN.06.0319 Hans Defer
Hans Defer
C.WN.05.0319 Hans Defer
W.S.14.0818 40x50 cm.JPG
Hans Defer , Oostende
C.S.17.1018 13x18 cm.jpg
C.S.38.1115 oil on canvas 30x40 cm
C.S.15.0918 40x50 cm.JPG
oil on canvas 40x50 cm
C.WN.04.0216 40x50 cm
Hans Defer
C.WN.16.1018 40x50 cm.JPG
C.S.41.1215 oil on canvas 24x30 cm
C.S.13.0718 13x18 cm.jpg
C.S.03.0116 13x18 cm
oil on canvas 50x60 cm
C.S.18.1018 13x18cm.jpg
oil on canvas 24x30 cm
C.S.08.0519 13x18cm Hans Defer
C.S.02.0116 30x40 cm
Oil on canvas 13x18 cm
C.WN.04.1214 13x18cm.jpg
C.WN.05.1214 13x18cm.jpg
oil on canvas 13x18 cm
C.S.12.0718 15x15 cm.jpg
C.WN.07.0316 40x50cm.jpg
Hans Defer
C.S.18.1019 20x20 cm. Hans Defer
C.S.10.0516 oil on canvas 40x50 cm
oil on canvas 24x30 cm
Hans Defer , Contemporary art
C.S.31.0815 15x15 cm

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C.S.31.0815 oil on canv15x15cms